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Special offer to new clients

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If you are an well established agency or design agency you will already have a suite of preferred photographers.  Chances are that you are inundated by “photographers” pestering you for work.  Why try somebody unknown to you?

Each photographer and studio comes with a particular set of strengths and weaknesses, artistic, technical,  proficiency, reliability and personal.  What if you could expand your library of these service providers at no risk?

Here’s our simple offer which allows just that:


1.Try us out for a commission – if you don’t like the results, walk away and no fees will be charged by us. If you do like the results pay us half rates and use the images as you wish.
2.  “Rinse and repeat”  – Try us on a second commission again at half price or no charge – you decide if we are good enough for you.
3. Further commissions, once we have “got to know each other” will be at our normal rates , which are frankly, unbeatable for the level of work we are providing.



Simple, fair, low or no risk to you and a great way of discovering if we like working with each other !

This offer is made in good faith and to allow new clients to try us out.  Zed Photography reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.  Copyright is retained by Zed Photography and no use may be made of images unless the agreed offer fees have been paid.  Feel free to give us a brief that you are giving simultaneously to your usual photographers and compare results. Zed Photography does not share commercial information with third parties and details of this agreement will not be made public.

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