School prospectus aids success

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Most of our photography is for small or large commercial companies or individuals who are selling something (even themselves if they are actors after head shots).  So it came as a challenge to be asked to shoot a prospectus for the outstandingly successful Mossbourne Academy Foundation schools in London.  After all they do say “never work with children or animals….”

We’re used to being able to order our professional models or staff about and compose great shots but this was a completely different kettle of fish – 2000 lively kids and the brief was to capture the spontaneity and happiness in the leaning environment.

Three long days work and many, many, hundreds of snaps later and we (and the client, phew) couldn’t have been happier !

Mossbourne, in Tower hamlets used to be one of the 10 worst schools in the UK and has turned itself around to become one of the outstanding successes of recent years giving kids, many form a deprived background, the opportunity to set no limits on their educational targets

A real pleasure meeting and photographing you all. The new website is going live soon.

Alan has Comprehensive Third Pary Insurance and is fully CRB checked.

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