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New huge resolution camera!

January 18th, 2016 Posted by Uncategorized No Comment yet

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Zed Photography has recently jumped-ship from mostly Canon and Nikon digital (we’re keeping the PhaseOne gear, thankyou) to SONY…here’s why:
We’ve been at the bleeding-edge of digital for some years now.  Our first digital camera was the hateful Leaf-Lumina £3K for way less than 3MP pixels and scanning only, via Fuji £1K for 1MP single shot (just about OK for small catalogue items) to the top Canon DSLR’s we have mostly been using recently.  Along the way we forked out some tens of thousands of pounds for a PhaseOne back for our Mamiya RZ and Sinar  cameras and that’s still going strong.  But there bis a new kid on the block these days- Sony.

Sony has, without doubt, the best sensors on the market (which is why even PhaseOne and Hasselblad use them now) – even surpassing the previous best-in class DSLR sensor maker – Canon.

We’ve bought a couple of Sony bodies, including the top of the range A7rii (catchy naming, Sony) which packs 42 megpixels into a tiny body allowing us to give clients the highest quality even in extreme locations.

So far the results are pretty encouraging – outrageous quality and sensitivity enough to shoot room sets and factories with about 1/10 the amount of lighting were lugging about previously (less work for Alan means more pics per hour for you guys and overall savings).

The menus are simply horrid and the ergonomics of the bodies not really very good.  The autofocus is slow (we jump back to Canon when we are shooting action) but the growing lens range (and the ability to use really exotic glass via adaptors)  is great and that sensor……  wow!

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