Who we are.

The “we” in Zed Photography is mostly me – Alan Russell.  I have been chief snapper here for more than 20 years and in that time I’ve photographed everything and everyone (well almost).

I originally trained as a scientist but left that line of work to found Zed Photography in my late twenties as I finally felt I then knew what I wanted to do when I grew up.

It’s been a wild ride but I’m as enthusiastic now as I was when I started.

I set up one of the very first completely digital studios in Bristol (1998) and have a range of clients covering the whole gamut from The British Museum, Rolls Royce and Barclays Bank to Banksy-alikes and tiny start-ups.

Advertising Photography is a broad field right at the top of the range of difficulty and challenge of what photographers are asked to do. Which is why I love it – we have to produce the most creative, highest resolution, most compelling images of almost anything or anyone you can image – preferably by yesterday and at half price.  That’s exactly what we do (well, more like “tomorrow and for a surprisingly reasonable fee”).


  • Alan Russell.
  • Highly creative.
  • Over twenty years of experience in high quality photography.
  • Personable, independent and reliable.
  • Works well in teams and to Art Direction.
  • Deep technical knowledge of photography/print/colour/web/IT.
  • Double degree qualified, full CRB checked and comprehensively Insured.