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Why use us ?

Why choose a particular photographer for your project?


For individuals and small companies: many feel capable of making their own images as the digital revolution has made equipment easily available.  Fair enough, but bear in mind, it’s not the camera that makes the image. Tips and tricks picked up by years of experience, a massive range of lighting and accessories, a specially equipped studio space, familiarity with legal issues on location and a proven track record in creativity count for so much more.

Agencies and designers: You will already be inundated with “photographers” looking for work.  None will have our unique combination of quality/price/experience/facilities/creativity.

We offer an easy NO or LOW cost way of trying our services to all bona fide Agencies and Designers.

Larger Organisations:  Professional insurance, professional attitude and reliability, licensed software, guaranteed delivery deadlines all come as standard with Zed Photography.

We offer cutting-edge quality and resolution imaging equipment and facilities which future-proof your images and all our kit comes with a skilled photographer for less than the cost you would pay simply to hire the professional equipment and try to do it yourself.  No usage fees, simple copyright permissions and archival storage off-site are all included in our transparent and clear pricing.


  • Highly creative.
  • Vast experience.
  • Huge range of equipment.
  • Unbeatable value for money.
  • Fully equipped central studio with all facilities.
  • Technical challenges our speciality.
  • Location photography anywhere, anytime.
  • Extreme locations are a pleasure for us.








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