Zed asked to shoot Royal Princess

January 18th, 2016 Posted by News No Comment yet

Most of our work comes from “the high end” – i.e. big clients who need specially creative work or difficult to fulfil missions requiring special studio skills or in difficult locations.  We don’t do “meet and greet” social stuff much these days.  It can be dull and the creative spark is singularly stifled.

However when one of our oldest and most favourite clients phoned up and asked us to handle a job they regarded as of the utmost importance who was Alan to say no?  I’ve been the “official” Suspension Bridge photographer for many years now and helped them win “European Lighting Project” of the year award when the new LED lighting was installed by taking a hush-hush snap at 3am one wintery morning during testing.

The project this time was totally different but, arguably, more important.  Photographing HRH The Royal princess Anne opening the brand new Visitor’s Centre.

“Stressful” wasn’t the word. – It was hard, but HRH made it a pleasure – even if I had to wear a suit to work for the first time in years!

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